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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Boingy Cushion **REVIEW**

Boingy Cushions are a high quality cushion in a range of funky fabrics that doesnt loose its shape! 

Boingy cushions are made from high quality Italian knitted Lycra fabrics. This fabric is durable, washable and flexible. This allows a tight fit around the inner which contributes to the springy nature of the product. The inner has been specified to maintain its shape within the cover, yet it gives a fantastic level of comfort and cuddliness.
All of Boingy cushions are made and manufactured in the united kingdom!

There are so many great designs on offer on the Boingy Cushion website, We chose the Awesome Blue cushion to try out. 

Boingy cushions evole from an already popular, everyday and widely used product. Boingy Cusions use a higher density hollow fibre filling, which creates the "boingy" effect. This together with a versatile, flexible elastane outer cover, increases the stretchy, bouncy nature of this fun product that doesnt loose its shape!

Boingy Cushions are super soft! 
James loved the funky, colourful design of the cushion and said it remeinded him of superheroes which it really does. The cushion retained its shape and bounced back every time James used it even when he sat on top of it or used it over a long time. 
I really liked the fact the cushion featured a concealed zip so you could feel it when laying on the pillow but it was easy to unzip and clean when needed. 

I had a little try of the cushion too and it is super comfy!

You can see the full range of designs on offer on the Boingy Cushion website here -

Or keep up to date with all the latest news and offers on one of Boingy Cushions social media pages here - 

Which design is your favourite? 


Monday, 29 September 2014

Mama Natural **REVIEW**

I recently came across a fantastic website called Mama Natural.

If you are pregnant, about to give birth or have a baby you really need to check this website out!
 Mama Natural is a source of Natural, Organic and Practical products for Mama and Baby. All Mama Natural products have been carefully selected and grouped into recommendations for each stage of the baby journey – Bump, Birth & Baby.

One of the lovely Brands Mama Natural stock are Frugi. 

We were sent 

Frugi Lovely Babygrow - Flower Power Owls

This babygrow is such great quality! The material is lovely and soft and the colours are vibrant and bright. Frugi have lots of wonderful, unique and stylish designs and Mama Natural stock lots of these. 

We were also sent 

As you may have seen on my blog I love baby wearing with Peanut. I love the closeness we get from it and using the Boba made baby wearing peanut a lovely experience! It also gives us a hands free options for things like the school run! The Boba is so soft and easy to wrap with, it comes with easy to use instructions and shows you how to easily wrap with it. The Boba wrap comes in a variety of colours on the Mama Natural website including Black, Grey, Khaki, Purple and Navy as shown above.

 Mama Natural also stock other carriers and wraps such as the Moby Wrap, Boba 4G, Beco soleil and Beco Gemini. 

Also included in the products we were sent were  range of 

Mama Natural stock a wide range of organic health and well being products including the Shea Mooti  range of products. Firstly these smell AMAZING! As well as the individual pots and bottles of Shea Mooti products Mama Natural also offer Shea Mooti gift boxes which would make perfect gifts for new or expectant mums, The head to toe wash and Body balm both have a lovely scent to them and leave skin feeling lovely and soft for ages after use.
One of the products I received was a bottle of Mamas Belly Rub, Stretch Mark Oil. I really suffered from stretch marks with both my babies so I was excited to try this. I have been applying twice a day as instructed and my skin has become so soft! I definitely think the oil is making my stretch marks less red and I will report back after a few months use how well its worked. 

All of the above items and so many more are all available on the Mama Natural Website! 

The Customer Service from Mama Natural is second to none! They seem to be a fantastic team who are quick to respond to and query's you may have. My package arrived very quickly and well packaged so no damage to any of the products. 

Mama Natural is a one stop shop for all your Pregnancy, Birth and Baby needs and stocks such a wide range of beautiful, practical and reasonably priced products for every possibility and need. 

You can find the full range of products Mama Natural stock by visiting their website here -

Or keep up to date with all the latest news, products and offers from Mama Natural on one of their social media pages here -

What is your favourite product from their website? 


Friday, 26 September 2014

Nuby Natural Touch Bottles **REVIEW**

The lovely people over at Nuby recently sent us some of their NEW Nuby Natural Touch bottles to try out with Peanut and here is what we thought of them...

Here are some of the Nuby Natural Touch bottle features -

  • Each bottle holds 90 oz / 270 ml 
  • Helps Mum to combine breast and bottle feeding 
  • EASY LATCH, slow flow teat
  • Breast size, natural shaped teat encourages baby to latch on
  • Teat flexes, stretches and moves just like mum's breast 
  • Superior valves in the base of the teat to help reduce air ingestion, which may cause colic 
  • Soft nubs on the surface help to massage baby's gums
  • Available in 3 colour ways - Blue, Pink and Clear. All with cute Elephant design

I loved how cute and girly they were and the little elephant design on the front is so sweet. 

Peanut seemed to take to these bottles really easily and actually drank her milk much quicker and with less fuss compared to the previous bottles we had been using.

The bottles seem to be slightly bigger and hold an extra 1 oz compared to previous bottles we've tried which is great as the way Peanut is drinking her milk we will soon be needing that extra oz lol! 

The bottles seemed to be easy to hold for Peanut who has recently started showing an interest in holding her bottle !

(I don't care its all gone mummy i am not letting go lol!) 

The bottles come with a size 1 teat as standard but you can buy other size teats depending on your needs. Peanut is almost 4 months so we used the size 2 teats and these seemed to work really well for her. 

I often find with bottles that after a while of washing a sterilizing the design and numbers often start fading from the side. However we have been washing and sterilizing these for a while now and there is no sign of either fading! 

The bottles come in a box of 6 and are excellent value and are normally priced at £14.99 a great price for 6 bottles! However they are currently on offer at £10.00 for 6 and can be found here (price correct at time of posting 26/09/2014). 

You can find out more about Nuby and their new Natural Touch range on their website here -

Or keep up to date with all the latest news, offers and products on one of their social media pages here -

Twitter -


Little Tiger - Five Little Ghosts Book **REVIEW**

Halloween is just around the corner and this year I am going to be hosting my first ever children's Halloween party! With this in mind I have been chatting to James about Halloween and what better way to convey the fun of Halloween with a great child friendly book! 

The lovely people at Little Tiger recently sent us one of their new Halloween books to try out with James called "Five little ghosts".

Five little ghosts is written by Patricia Hegarty and Illustrated by Julia Woolf. 

" Five little ghosts at the end of the day, are on the lookout for somewhere to play! Follow the adventures of 5 little ghosts in this comical rhyming caper."

This book has a cute rhyming rhythm going through the book making it a fun and quirky story to read. 

The Five little ghosts story book features lots of brightly coloured, fun pictures that really capture the imagination. My little boy loved looking at the pictures whilst listening to the storyand was quite happy sitting and looking at the pictures after we had finished the story. 

 The book is made up from a very thick front and back cover and then sturdy cardboard pages inside. Great for little hands to turn the pages as I often find paper pages get torn to easily with little children eager to turn the pages! 

I loved the fact the book introduced Halloween to young children in fun, friendly way and although it is "Halloween" themed it is definitely a book we will be keeping on our book shelf to be read all year round. 

Do you fancy treating your children to something a little different this Halloween why not treat them to a lovely Little Tiger Halloween book! 

Little Tiger have such a wide range of children's books for all ages and genres and you can see them all here on their website -

Do you have any Halloween traditions?


Wednesday, 24 September 2014

A New Badge!!

As you may know James has been attending swimming lessons for over 6 months now and is loving it! 
The last few weeks he has moved up classes so is no longer in the "preschool" classes he has now moved up to the school age class! Well yesterday he got another new badge his Alpha 1 badge. This is his 3rd badge since starting swimming lessons and im so proud of him, When he first started swimming lessons he didn't want to put his head under water and couldn't swim at all. Now he loves being under the water and can almost swim 5 metres completely unaided! 

Another favourite of James's is to visit the library after swimming lessons, So after his lesson this week we walked over to the library and James took his own library card and chose lots of books. James has just started school so I have been trying to make sure I read to him more consistently and try to get him to read to me. 
I  thought I would let him choose any books he liked although when he came to me with his pile of books I realised he had chosen quite a few lol!!

Peanut even got her first library book and loved her first trip to the library and looking at all the pictures. She would not let go of this Animals book so we ended up taking it out and bringing it home!

Do your children like the library? 


Monday, 22 September 2014

Bakedin Cinnamon swirl kit **REVIEW**

I love baking!! So when we were offered a Cinnamon Swirl kit from the lovely people at Bakedin I couldn't wait to try it out!

Bakedin are all about Less fuss, No waste and Great taste. 

BakedIn is based in Basingstoke, North Hampshire, and was founded in June 2013 by three friends. Their ethos is core to what they do, and they take pride in seeking out quality produce to use in their products. Bakedin also hate wasting good food, and so providing exactly the right quantities of all the dry ingredients needed makes a lot of sense (as well as saving you time weighing things out).

When our kit arrived and I opened it I was instantly greeted with the delicious smell of cinnamon! I then noticed the kit contained everything I needed bar a few basic ingredients that I already had in the house and even contained the baking tins! Each high quality ingredient was in its own little clear bag and clearly labeled with what it was. 

The kit came with really REALLY easy to follow instructions that coupled with the pre-weighed and clearly labeled ingredients made baking so simple anyone could do it. 

and best of all they tasted TOTALLY DELICIOUS!! Honestly the whole house filled with the smell of them cooking and the smell didn't disappoint. They were soft yet a little crispy on the outside, full of cinnamon in the swirl and melted in your mouth. Priced at just £6.95 these are a great price considering this kit made 12 large swirls!

I really do recommend trying out a Bakedin kit for yourself I can guarantee you won't be disappointed!

Find out all about this kit and all of the other baking kits here on their website - 

Or keep up to date with all the latest products and news from Bakedin on one of their social media pages here - 

Which kit do you like the sound of the most from their website? 


Saturday, 20 September 2014

STORE - LEGO Movie lunch set **REVIEW**

James is a HUGE fan of the LEGO movie and ever since watching the film has been engrossed in his LEGO. 
So when the lovely people at STORE sent us a LEGO movie lunch set I new James would love it. 

STORE is a website for all of your storage needs for everything from Shoe storage to kitchen and Bathroom storage and so much more. If your looking to store it you will definitely find a way to at!

As mentioned above we were sent the LEGO movie lunch set which came just in time as James has just started school! 

The set consists of a lunch box and a drinking bottle and is officially licensed by LEGO themselves. 

The drinking bottle features pictures of the LEGO movie characters and has a funky LEGO top! As well as this the bottom of the bottle comes off to create a little cup so the drink can be poured from the bottle, into the cup and easily drank. 

We try to encourage James to drink from a cup as he tends to pull at the caps of the sports bottles with his teeth and we don't want him to damage his teeth so this was great! It also meant he could pour what he wanted into the cup and then reapply the lid to the bottle and we didn't have to worry about the whole bottle contents being spilt. The bottle can hold up to 350mls.

Also in the lunch set was the lunch box.

This is a great sturdy lunch box that measures 6.5cm high x 16cm long x 14cm wide and has plenty of room to hold a sandwich, crisps and a biscuit. The colours and pictures of the lunch box are bright and vibrant and would be a real hit with and LEGO or LEGO movie fan! 

This lunch set is a Limited Edition (so quick grab yours quick whilst you can!) and is priced at £14.00 which I think is a reasonable price for a branded, sturdy lunch set that is definitely built to last. 

You can find this and LOTS of of storage products on the STORE website here -

Or keep up with all the lastest news and products on one of their social media pages here -