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Sunday, 26 October 2014


You may have noticed on previous posts we are big fans of babywearing. I love carrying my little lady! 

Babywearing is something I only discovered this time around and it wasn't even something I had heard of when I had James. Since finding out about it and getting our first wrap we have been converted and it has been a life saver for quick trips like the school run and getting that closeness Evelyn craves!

Don't get me wrong we do still own a pushchair and we like our pushchair too, Its great for longer trips, days out and of course bunging all the shopping in the large basket underneath!

However Evelyn is so desperate to look around and has been from just a few weeks old so being up in the sling has been great for her. I feel like for us it has really helped strengthen her neck muscles and of course keep her entertained whilst walking about. 

We chose the Close caboo nct as our first carrier when Evelyn was first born and it was so easy to use, you simply pop it over your head and put it on like a t-shirt (over your head and then your arms through the 2 gaps in the sides). 

I love the closeness we get from being snuggled up on our walks, As I mentioned above our wrap has been a life saver for things like the school run. Once we are parked up the school run is a short 5 minute walk, barely enough to warrant getting the pushchair out of the boot for. With the wrap I can pop it on myself before we leave the house then simple place her in it when we arrive. I don't have to struggle with the pushchair and she is happy looking around!

(we also love the Boba wrap which is what we are using here)

Not to mention the extra exercise you get from carrying baby (especially as they get bigger lol)!

Of course babywearing isn't for everyone and that is totally understandable, just like all parenting choices they are personal and unique to each parent. I would say though if you are undecided then it really is worth a try, You may love it just like us! 

I spoke to some other parents who chose to try babywearing and here is what they had to say about why they chose to try it and what they love about it - 

Sadie - "The reason I decided to buy a liberty stretchy wrap was because Poppy has chronic colic and silent reflux couldnt put her down and she rarely slept. Meant I had my hands free to do odd jobs and absolutely loved carrying her since."

Lauren - "I started carrying my last baby when she was about 4 months old. She was always a high needs baby and wouldn't be put down. It was a practical thing. As she got older I really enjoyed trying out many different makes and models of wraps and carriers as there are so many beautiful ones. I also began to notice how much of a close bond my child and I had developed due to carrying her so much. I've really looked forward to baby wearing my newest baby this time around because of that. She's a much calmer contented baby than her sister was. I'm not sure if that's just her general personality or partly because she's been carried close to me since birth."

There are so many choices of wraps and carries out there that it can seem daunting to start with and prices can vary massively so if you want to try something out before you commit why not pop by and check out a local sling library. The people at the sling librarys will have lots of carriers and wraps to look out and try out and some will loan out (for a small cost) wraps so you can try them at home for a short while before committing to a wrap or babywearing. 
There are lists of sling libraries here - or here on the nct website -

Please do share your thoughts below or pop by to our facebook page and share your babywearing pics here -


Saturday, 25 October 2014

Bright Starts - Roaming Safari Vibrating Bouncer **REVIEW**

Both my babies have loved their bouncer chairs so I would say if you are expecting its definitely a product worth getting! There are so many to choose from out there and one of those available is this one.... 

The Bright Starts Roaming Safari Vibrating Bouncer

The Bright Starts bouncer is brightly coloured and features a range of animals over the seat cover. The bouncer also has a easy to remove toy bar with 2 hanging toys. Unfortunately the toys cannot be removed from the bar which is the only downfall for me but isn't really a major issue. 

The Bright Starts bouncer also has a vibration feature which gently vibrates the seat offered calming movements for baby. The vibrations always sends Evelyn to sleep! The bouncer features a soft cradling seat which is fully removable and machine washable which is a big bonus for us as Evelyn is  always dribbling and being sick, Therefore its great to know you can pop the covers on and off when needed. 

Evelyn really likes the Bright starts bouncer and it seems to offer a slightly more upright position than other bouncers we have tried, which seems to suit her more as she gets older. The 3 point harness means that baby is nice and secure and this bouncer is suitable from birth up to around 20lbs. 

If you are looking for a very reasonably priced bouncer which has some lovely features then you should check out this bouncer from Bright Starts! 

Check out the Bright Starts range via the  Kidsii website here -


Wayfair - ABC Storage boxes **REVIEW**

I don't know about you but since having children I am always on the look out for storage, Its a constant battle between me and the toys that seems to multiple rapidly! 

So when the lovely people at Wayfair offered to send us the ABC storage boxes to try out I knew they would be put to good use! is the online destination for all things home, They offer a zillion things home with a huge selection of home furnishing and decor in a wide range of styles and a range of prices to suit everyone. 
Wayfair make it easier than ever before to find exactly what you want all from the convenience of your owl home via their website and online shop.

The ABC storage boxes arrived quickly and well packed to protect them from any damaged and it definitely worked. The boxes are made of a hard wearing a sturdy card with the largest box measuring 24cm H x 24cm W x 24cm D and the smallest box measuring 18cm H x 18cm W x 18cm D.
The boxes look fantastic, which for us in a big thing as alot of James toys are downstairs in our living room so its nice to have his toys tidied into something that looks good too. 

The boxes open and close via an easy to use elastic cable and button which makes it easy for James to open and close by himself. 
I was a little worried that being card and not wood or plastic these wouldn't be very sturdy but I didnt need to worry. The boxes are very sturdy and can hold lots! Inside the boxes are plain white and there is plenty of room for lots of toys. The smallest box held about 25 of James small toy cars with a little room to spare! 
The JIP ABC storage boxes are a fab addition to our home and James loves them! It has given us lots of storage for all of his toys and it doesn't look out of place in our living room, This would also look fab in a bedroom or nursery! Priced at just £23.96 (price correct as of 25/10/2014) I think these are fab value for money. 

The ABC boxes are also available in Pink from the Wayfair website HERE
Here is a picture of James who is 5 stood next to his boxes so you can get an idea of size - offer so many more fantastic items including lots more storage solutions and much much more. Check out their website here -

What is your favourite item from the Wayfair website? 


Naturally Cool Kids - Vapour Stick **REVIEW**

As the cold weather creeps in and winter is upon us those pesky coughs and colds start creeping in, especially for those with children at school as the same cold just seems to circulate around the school.

The lovely people at Naturally Cool Kids have put a new twist on an old product.... The vapour stick! 
The Vapour Stick is designed to help clear little airways with as little mess and fuss as possible. The Naturally cool kids vapour stick contains all natural products including natural butters and essential oils and contains no petroleum!

The Vapour stick has a very easy to use twist function at the bottom and this maneuvers the vapour stick inside up and down. This means no mess or fuss and James was able to apply it himself. It also meant it was easy to apply at night time without having to worry about mess. 
The vapour stick got a big thumbs up from us! The first thing I noticed was the smell and it definitely wasn't as over powering as other vapour products I have tried, This was a big plus especially with using it on children. I also loved the fact it was mess free and James could apply this to himself (hes 5 going on 15 and wants to be Mr Idependant! lol). 
Another plus was that the Naturally Cool Kids vapour stick is suitable for use for children aged 3 months + so it meant both James and Evelyn could use it. 
James recently suffered from a cold and this really helped him sleep in the night and he was happy to use it and apply it himself with no fuss (I did help him apply it to his back of course). 

This super handy little vapour stick is a must have for when those nasty colds rear there ugly head! Its suitable for use by vegatarians and is soy, peanut oil and dairy free. 

Naturally Cool kids have lots of other products to check out too and you can see them all here on their website -

Do your children suffer from colds in the winter? How do you usually fight it? 


Friday, 24 October 2014

Fisher-Price Rainforest Sit-Me-Up floor seat **REVIEW**

Evelyn is at that awkward stage where she really wants to sit up but isn't quite ready to do it by herself. When we lay her on her play mat she wants to be up (we've even had mini sit ups in the attempt to get up lol!). 
So when we heard about the Sit-Me-Up floor seat from Fisher-Price it looked like just what we were looking for. 

The seat offers Comfort and fun all in one. The supportive, upright seat which has soft fabric and a wide, sturdy base lets baby see and interact with the world around them. It also features two detachable toys which allow baby to sit up and play.The fabric is completely and easily removable and machine washable. 

I loved the funky and bright design of the seat and that the toys were detachable so that we could swap and change them with other toys we have so she didn't get bored with the same toys. The toys included were bright, colourful and nice and chunky for little hands to grab. The butterfly had crinkly wings and the other toy make a great teether for her to chew on.

The Sit-Me-Up seat also fold flat and is really lightweight so easy to take along with you or fold away for storage. We have been taking it along to my mums and it is so easy to fold down and then pop back up again with just 1 hand its been great.

I would highly recommend this seat to anyone! It has been fantastic for Evelyn and has solved her frustration at wanting to sit up. The supportive and comfortable seat has meant she is able to sit up and play with her brother and have a good look around, without one of us having to always be holding her upright. 

The seat is priced at £39.99 although it is currently available from Smyths for £34.99! (price correct as of 24/10/2014). 

The Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up floor seat is suitable from when baby can hold their head up unaided up to 11kg.

You can purchase the Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up seat from smyths here -

Find out more about the great items Fisher-Price have to offer via there website here -


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Munchkin LATCH bottles **REVIEW**

Munchkin have recently released a new range of bottles called LATCH these bottles are specifically designed to mimic breastfeeding. 

So what makes the Munchkin LATCH bottles so different from all the others on the market? Well its the teat that mimics the breast! The unique LATCH accordion teat moves and functions most like the breast, helping ease baby's transition from breast to bottle and back.

The LATCH teat stretches, moves and pumps, so baby can LATCH and feed just like on the breast. These bottles also features the unique LATCH anti-colic valve - a base venting, one-piece valve that prevents air bubbles traveling through the milk, reducing the chance of colic.

The first thing I noticed about these bottles was that the teat seemed softer and more flexible than other bottles we had tried. With previous bottles we have tried Evelyn has struggled with the flow of milk and it has either been to slow and she has worn herself out trying to get the milk out quick enough or to fast and it just spills down her chin. 
With these bottles she seemed to be able to adjust to slow of the milk herself and was able to happily finish her bottle with no frustration or dribbles.

Here is a short video clip of how the Munchkin LATCH bottles work - 

If you are looking for a bottle that may help with that transition between breast and bottle or perhaps you wish to combination feed then I would highly recommend trying out the LATCH bottles!

You can find out more about the LATCH range and more via the Munchkin website HERE.


Monday, 20 October 2014

Lovably Me **REVIEW** and **GIVEAWAY**

Lovably me is a fantastic, award winning family run business. They sell beautiful  boys and girls bedroom furnishings, kids craft, personalised gifts, wooden toys and so much more! Lovably me is an easy to use website that is full of carefully selected, high quality toys and gifts for kids of all ages to enjoy. 
We were sent 2 products to try out from the Lovably me website.

James received the Design your own Superhero cape from Seedling.

(photo taken from lovably me website)

What little boy doesn't love pretending to be a super-hero!! The seedling super hero cape is the perfect gift for any little boy or girl. 

The kit contains 
- A plain cape
- Glue
- Glitter glue pens + paintbrush 
- Foam + felt sheets
- foam stars
- colouring pencils 
- a design sheet so you can design your cape before starting. 

Designing the cape provided James with hours and hours of fun. The cape is a really high quality and will definitely last the hours of super hero play im sure you little ones will be having with this funky cape. The kit comes with everything you need and here is what we made with ours...

Evelyn received a Ballerina Mouse from the Organic Farm buddies collection.

(photo taken from lovably me website)

This super cute little mouse is so soft and comes dressed in her adorable pink and cream tutu and ballet outfit. The legs and arms are lightly stuffed so easy for little hands to grab on to and cuddle in to. 
This cute mouse also features a concealed internal rattle and (especially essential with dribbly babies lol) can be easily washed via the washing machine on a cold wash.

Evelyn loves cuddling in to her ballerina mouse and its the perfect size for her to grab hold of.

If you are on the search for gifts for your little ones Lovably Me is most definitely a website you need to check out! 
They also offer free delivery when you spend over £30!. 

So do you fancy winning a £25 voucher to spend on the Lovably Me website? Then simple complete the rafflecopter form below to be in with a chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was sent both of these items for free of charge in exchange for my honest review, All thoughts and opinions posted are my own.